My Scary Halloween
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Halloween is the time to channel your inner ghoul, dress up the house with dreadful decor, and throw one hell of an eerie party. Browse the Ghastly Gallery and find out how my fiends and I celebrate Halloween.


Ghastly Decor and Yard Haunts
We purchased a corner-lot home in 2009 with a built-in stage (porch), big gnarly trees, and open views
of the neighborhood. It's a family neighborhood, and we draw quite a few trick 'r treaters – 358 in 2013!
While we keep the outdoor display rather modest, the rest of the house gets quite a makeover.

Avenue of Horrors 2015 Avenue of Horrors 2014 Avenue of Horrors 2013 Avenue of Horrors 2012
Avenue of Horrors 2011 Avenue of Horrors 2010 Avenue of Horrors 2009

This San Jose house was just a few blocks north of the infamous Winchester Mystery House, and nestled between two
of the area's oldest cemeteries. We never experienced any hauntings although the property was owned by a real big witch.

Haunted House 2008 Haunted House 2007 Haunted House 2006 Haunted House 2005

The McAllister flat was at the dead center of San Francisco in an area that used to be a vast cemetery.
The Edwardian house was built three years after the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906,
and served as a wayward women's halfway home. It was very much haunted.

Haunted Flat 2004 Haunted Flat 2003
Ghastly Parties and Outings
I've been hosting Halloween parties all my life, but they've been getting a little more elaborate since 2005.
Thoroughly decorated interiors, yard haunts, a cauldron full of new eerie recipes to try,
and of course, new themes and costumes. Our fiends seem to love them.
The Witching Hour 2013 My Scary Dinner 2012 Black Magic 2010 Bloody Infamous 2008 Feast of Horrors 2007
Something Wicked 2006 Haunted Housecooling 2005 Cavorting Vampires 2004 Countdown to Madness 2002

One of the best parts of Halloween are all the special events. From haunted attractions to
pumpkin festivals to ghost walks there's always many scary things to do.
Here are some photos of my dearest fiends and the precarious situations I put them in.

Roswell UFO Festival 2014 Castello di Amorosa 2014 Punkin Chunkin 2005 Vampire Tour 2004 Alcatraz 2004