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Chapter 3: Zombie Earl's Revenge

The original owner of Nobility Manor, Earl Davis, worked at the All Sorrows Cemetery, and lived here with his wife Helga, a school teacher. The small town suspected that Helga was a witch. Many even believed that she practiced black magic, and that her husband stole fresh bodies right from the morgue!

In October of 1957, a rash of missing children devasted the neighborhood and all suspected Earl and Helga of unspeakable horror. That Halloween night they vanished without a trace! The story had been mostly forgotten until the hauntings began anew in the fall of 2009, and the Avenue of Horrors reclaimed its title.

Last year, Helga manifested on Halloween night and brought forth a mysterious spell. And this year, Earl returns from the grave to do what he knows best – digging up the bodies!

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